News Item: Prepare To Be Disgusted - They`re Encouraging Kids To Die
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Friday 30 May 2008 - 06:29:20

One of our readers pointed out an online global warming kids game that you won't believe. In fact we didn't, we thought it might be yet another hoax. But after checking in to it we're afraid it is all too real. Don't be surprised if this game leads to some children committing suicide. No Longer Supported

Strong words but once you see it you'll understand. This game is clearly aimed at kids and is called the "Greenhouse Calculator", it was put out by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and is subtitled "Find out when you should die". The instructions get right to the point by asking "How big of a greenhouse pig are you?" and then "When you are done click on (a skull and crossbones) to find out what age you should die at so you don't use more than your fair share of Earth's resources!" This author's age came back as 3 1/2 and most people reading this (even if you are somewhat green) will come back at 30 or less. So their implication is we need to die now to save the planet, a simply evil concept to teach our children.

Can you believe that? They're actually encouraging kids to save the planet by dying! They go on to guilt kids over eating meat.

They also obviously have some anti-capitalist leanings because spending money inflates your pig in to a mean disgusting looking boar faster than anything.

Probably added at the request of Al Gore they give you credit (reduce the size of the pig that represents you) if you invest your money in "ethical investments" or buy organic food.

The final side tells the child the age at which they should die as to not use up more than their fair share of the planets resources. But unless you make very little money or you heavily invest in Al Gore's companies you aren't likely to be allowed to live past about 30.

This game is truly disgusting. Kids are already getting brainwashed in school and on TV that they're harming the planet simply by living. To flat out tell a child that for the good of the planet they shouldn't live past 3 1/2 should be criminal. There are a lot of vulnerable kids out there that already have self-image problems, that may already be told by bullies or bad parents that they don't deserve to live. To have this reinforced and setup martyrdom in their minds is sickening.

If that wasn't enough they have another game called "This Is Your Lifestyle!" subtitled "See how much your suck!". On the instructions page they say "find out what kind of a drain you are on the planet" and "'the only game where you find out how much you really suck!".

This game isn't just about global warming they manage to sneak in other messages as well. Such as messages accusing China of using child labor and sweatshops to encourage people to by Australian (even though the CO2 cost was about the same).

When a collectivist thinker believes they are saving the world they are perfectly willing to sacrifice a few children for the good of the collective. Every socialist government / leader has done that throughout history. Who cares if a few children die if its for the good of the group / movement / revolution / ideal / religion / planet. The individual means nothing to them.

To see this hosted by a large broadcasting company is very disturbing.

  • Greenhouse Calculator - PLEASE go here only if your self esteem is fully intact. These people are evil and no one should think they're worthless and should die for the good of the planet. If you feel this way please seek help.
  • Anthem - by Ayn Rand (Amazon affiliate link). An excellent (fiction) book for people of any age to help you understand the collective thought process and the worth of the individual.
  • Atlas Shrugged - by Ayn Rand (Amazon affiliate link) . A much longer and more in depth novel by Ayn Rand that again shows the value of the individual and the dangers of collectivist thinking. Highly recommended.

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