News Item: The Earth may have actually COOLED in the past 60 years!
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Wednesday 14 November 2007 - 21:07:51

Harris-Mann Climatology has compiled tons of historic climate data and they're convinced that not only has the Earth likely cooled in the past 60 years but that its likely to cool a great deal more in the near future. Their historical chart is a must see and their data is hard to dispute.No Longer Supported

First how do they figure the earth has cooled in the past 60 years? Its well known that cities and airports create a heat island effect. This is where city and runway heat is trapped in the lower atmosphere causing a very localized heat increase. If you haven't been to to examine their gallery of official climate stations it is a must see. You'll find tons of photos of NOAA USHCN climate stations showing how local conditions have skewed their measurements. Everything from putting the station in the middle of a blacktop parking lot, to putting it directly under an air conditioner exhaust. Even funnier (or sadder) photos of the climate station directly beside a burn barrel and barbecue pit. The photos are real and have not been altered. In fact you can go to the locations and see them for yourself. For many such climate recording stations they have historic data showing how conditions around these stations has changed over the years (e.g. What use to be an open field around the recording device is now a paved parking lot). Though scientists say they compensate for the heat island effect their methods and assumptions are flawed. For example, NASA uses low resolution satellite photos taken at night to show where cities might skew results. They then make small compensations to the data around these collection points. But this method can only compensate for whole city heat island effects, not for more extreme localized conditions such as the blacktop parking lot. It is also believed that the formulas used to compensate for the city-wide heat island effect have not kept up with the growth of the cities and the localized heat produced. “During a typical hot, summer day, high temperatures may be as much as 3-7 degrees warmer at the official airport or downtown locations compared to outlying rural areas.” Kristen Byrnes has wrote about this subject several times here at, she has even contributed climate station photos of her own. This is no small problem, there are hundreds of weather stations where local micro-conditions are effecting the accuracy of the temperatures being recorded.

Harris-Mann Climatology did a comprehensive climatological study of over 600 cities both in North America and around the world for the period 1941 to 2001. What they found was warming that at first glance is very similar to the UN IPCC data, the earth had warmed approximately .7 of one degree Fahrenheit over this time period (according to the IPCC there was approximately .7 Fahrenheit additional warming before 1941). But when Harris-Mann removed the “15 largest cities the "concrete and asphalt jungles", from the study, Mother Earth would have actually COOLED OFF about .4 of one degree Fahrenheit in the last six decades”. That's correct, the Earth actually cooled .4 degrees in the last 60 years, it did not get warmer. You can read the complete report here.

As reported on NewsBusters Harris-Mann has also released a very interesting historical record chart indicating that we're just about due for a big cooling off period. The chart shows a very interesting historical time line of temperatures over the past 4,500 years. The warming / cooling periods are so regular that the chart almost looks like a sine wave. One of the things you'll quickly notice is the correlation of volcanic activity and cooling. When there are a lot of volcanic eruptions you see a lot of cooling.

Harris-Mann collects weather information dating back to 600 B.C. and according to their predictions we are about half way through the current weather cycle. Though we're likely to experience many extremes in temperatures over the next few years the warming should be soon coming to a stop and things will start to cool.

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