News Item: Would the World be Better Off without Humans?
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Monday 24 September 2007 - 19:50:21

If you pay attention to the global warming mass-hysteria crowd you can't help but think they want to get rid of all humans, starting with babies.No Longer Supported

There have been many examples from the hysterics that the planet earth should simply shed its self of all humans. From their point of view the plants and animals would be far better caretakers. Of course the cynic would ask why they don't simply start with themselves and turn their bodies to fertilizer. But giving the lunatics the benefit of the doubt (something common sense would dictate you never should do) we might assume they feel they have to stick around to see to it that the job of eliminating all humans is actually carried out to completion.

A story by Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters points out the latest example from the self immolation crowd. A common theme from many of these groups is that we need to stop making babies (self-immolators would of course start with the most fun activity first). Every person added to the planet causes the release of more CO2. Fair enough, after all these babies breath and grow up to eat beef and drive SUVs. Of course we now know that exercise causes global warming so don't think that simply practicing birth control will put you in good standing. After all sex generates a lot of CO2 (hopefully the self-immolators have given it up).

Humans (at least some humans) must be the dumbest animal on the planet. Not only do some us not know how to fight for survival but we're actually willingly sacrificing ourselves to the animals we're suppose to be eating. If the planet Earth ever fails, for whatever reason, humans should the last to go, not the first.

Here are but a few examples of the make war (on people), not babies agenda:

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