News Item: Another Dissenter: U.S. Naval Academy Chemist slams climate fears as `imaginary boogeyman`
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Posted by R.Danneskjöld
Tuesday 13 January 2009 - 22:39:12

Peer reviewed government scientist, Dr. Mark Campbell, joins the growing rank of "dissenting" scientists and calls climate fears 'imaginary boogeyman', then goes on to accuse the media of 'journalistic malpractice'.No Longer Supported

Apparently Dr. Campbell (of the U.S. Naval Academy) has had enough of the biased media reporting on the so called “consensus” as he really speaks his mind in the editorial below. As an expert on greenhouse gases he makes it clear that he does not believe that man is responsible for climate change. We've included additional information on Dr. Campbell and have included links to some of his peer reviewed studies. Chemist Dr. Mark L. Campbell is a professor of chemistry at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis MD

No proof man is causing Earth's warming trend
January 13, 2009 - Letter as it appeared in the Baltimore Sun
by: Professor Mark Campbell, Ph.D.

According to the editorial "A New Year's resolution" (Jan. 2), tens of thousands of scientists like me are "flat-earth types."

I guess my doctorate in chemical physics from Johns Hopkins doesn't give me nearly the qualifications to analyze the science associated with the global climate as an editor with an agenda.

If we are going to stoop to name-calling, an appropriate name for people with the view The Baltimore Sun endorses could be "Chicken Littles." But instead of claiming that the sky is falling, they claim the sky is burning.

The editorial claims that there is a consensus among scientists that man-made carbon dioxide is causing global climate change; however, consensus in science is an oxymoron. From Galileo to Einstein, one scientist with proof is more convincing than thousands of other scientists who believe something to be true.

And I don't even grant that there is a consensus among scientists; it's just that the press only promotes the global warming alarmists and ignores or minimizes those of us who are skeptical. To many of us, there is no convincing evidence that carbon dioxide produced by humans has any influence on the Earth's climate.

Arguing that our country should decrease its use of fossil fuels is a laudable goal, but the reason to do so should be to reduce our reliance on energy from foreign sources, not to reduce the danger from some imaginary boogeyman.

The sky is not burning, and to claim that it is amounts to journalistic malpractice.
Mark Campbell

The writer is a professor of chemistry at the U.S. Naval Academy.

Professor Campbell's U.S. Naval Academy Bio

Professor Campbell's research is concerned with state-to-state dynamics of chemical reactions involving atoms and simple molecules. Laser induced fluorescence and visible chemiluminescence detection of product states are coupled with photodissociation and molecular beam techniques to study the detailed dynamical properties of single reactive collisions.

Current projects include photodissociation experiments involving transition metal atoms (particularly Ti, Mo, and W) in which a gas phase precursor molecule will be photodissociated using a UV pulsed laser, and the transition metal atom reactions with oxidants such as O2, NO, and N2O will be monitored using Laser-Induced Fluorescence (LIF). Other experiments are anticipated in which photodissociation products will be probed directly using LIF and spectrally resolved fluorescence detection to better understand the photodissociation process.

Some of Dr. Cambell's Peer Reviewed Studies:

Thanks to Senator Inhofe's Office, Senate Environment and Public Works Committee (EPW), for much of this information.

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